Believe2Conceive Holistic Fertility is Born

So now that I have the studying bug again I begin lesson two, on my holistic fertility therapy course.  I’m off to Luxembourg for the weekend so use the time at the airport and on the plane to read through the lesson booklet and find it fascinating. I’m going to be learning about ‘normal fertility’ and begin looking into causes for infertility.  Sadly at this time I don’t have the questions that are relevant to this lesson as I’m still waiting for the return of lesson one. But I decide that I can use this time to do further research into these subjects.

It’s revealing a lot that I hadn’t thought about – having come from a surgical background, to me there are obvious anatomical and physiological reasons that cause fertility problems, but as you look into it further there are far less obvious reasons.  Many things that people do on a day to day basis, that they just don’t realise they are doing damage to their bodies and possible affecting their fertility.

I don’t have to wait too long and the much awaited questions arrive, finally I can get on with some work.  Funny but as tired as I am from a hard day’s work I am still finding the energy and enthusiasm to research fertility and surrounding topics.  I have started following various fertility experts and blogs on Facebook and Twitter and they are full of information and inspiration.

I suppose I feel a bit more confident this time once I have finished the work – about knowing what is expected, how much I need to write etc. But it’s still pretty nerve wracking sending the envelope back and patiently waiting for the results.

This time though I have so much to do while waiting, in the next week the website for Believe2Conceive is going to go live.  I didn’t realise how hard it would be and how many decisions would have to be made about how it all looks.  I already have a logo so decide to go with the colour scheme of that, but how many pages do I want, how many links should there be etc. …… the list goes on and on….

So the evening comes for the launch and we celebrate with a glass of champagne but actually it’s a bit of a very strange feeling, to know that anyone in the world could click on the site and read my first blog.  It’s also a bit of an anti-climax, you launch a website and share it on twitter and Facebook but obviously nothing happens immediately.  But over the next 24 hours, I am totally astounded by all of the interest and support. I receive many ‘likes’ on the page which means they will receive my updates and new blogs, lots of lovely messages wishing me luck and even some passing on information which could help me in the future.  It’s fantastic; if not a little scary to see that there are ‘likes’ in America, Australia and the far east.  I know it’s just a start as many of my friends are being supportive and won’t actually need the ‘therapy’, but hopefully in time friends of friends will see the page and pass it onto their friends.  I know it will take a while but I’m in it for the long haul.

Yet in all this excitement there’s still those little butterflies flying around my stomach warning me that the postman will come any day with those results…..


One thought on “Believe2Conceive Holistic Fertility is Born


    Hi Fiona
    Its sounds like you have found something that you are really going to enjoy. I wish you luck and look forward to receiving your blog updates,
    Good Luck