It all starts here…

So sitting on a gorgeous sunny beach the realisation suddenly hits me…I’m going to do this… I instantly begin searching for courses, information and help.  Fertility therapy, what a huge subject, and what courses to do first?  Reflexology, acupuncture, counselling, hypnotherapy…. The list is endless! Then all of a sudden I find it  “Holistic fertility therapy”. The course is performed in your own home at your own pace, and broken down into ten lessons, that are sent to you with a set of questions. You return your work which is then marked and sent back to you with the next lesson.

As soon as I get home I sign up and wait excitedly for the postman to bring me my first lesson. From reading the course work information provided online I know its going to be anatomy and physiology.  I feel slightly confident knowing that my background of specialising in gynaecology nursing will set me in good stead.

I am not prepared for what comes through my letter box in that big white envelope! This is going to take some serious studying, I hadn’t realised it was going to be so in depth. Finally two weeks later after juggling time around work, home life and studying, I have my final printed work with my answers to ten extremely hard questions about male and female anatomy and the reproductive system.  I feel pleased with my work but quite uncertain if what I have done is what it required.  I refer to the notes on lesson one again and check through the instructions, but all I can do is to pop my envelope into the post and wait for the ten days they say it will take for my work to be returned.

Six days later another white envelope is found on the door mat, nervously I open it and can’t quite believe what I read… I have to read it again. For someone who is not academic at all I have managed to get a merit (equivalent to 90-95% in the colleges marking system) for my work.  I am so stupidly thrilled and immediately send a message to my partner… I need to share this moment with someone.

 Now to start lesson two…….


3 thoughts on “It all starts here…

  1. Gemma Luff

    Wishing you every success with this site. I had reflexology having tried to conceive for two years and the next month I became pregnant. I wasn’t sure if this was coincidental or not but when again we’d been trying to conceive (this time for 6 months) I again had reflexology and sure enough the next month I became pregnant.

    It’s fascinating stuff and I truly believe that the reflexology helped me to get pregnant. I now have two boys aged 5 and 3!

  2. Wendy

    Just read this and am so thrilled that you are following your passion which although requires hard work you have achieved far more than you expected…. Well done! And to have a living testimony from Gemma is so encouraging for you…. Keep up the good work… It will pay off in the end!