Reflexology for fertility, here we come….

Ok, so yesterday I got the results of lesson 2 from the fertility course I am doing- High Merit!  This yet again leaves me gobsmacked. Not quite sure how I’m achieving this but I suppose it’s because fertility, fertility problems and complementary therapies are subjects that I feel passionately about and find intensely interesting.  It’s easier to learn about something that stimulates you rather than leaving you bored or uninterested.

I now realise the peril of publishing my results though…. What do I do if it’s a bad result next time, will I shamefully admit it to you all or just not mention it? Of course if it’s not a pass I will just research the topics involved more closely to get a better grasp on it and resubmit it.  The benefit of course of my publishing the results makes me more accountable to you lovely people who follow the blog…. Before I began doing this I could have thought ‘oh well I will try harder next time’ but now I have even more reason to do my best (not that I wouldn’t anyway).

It’s also occurred to me that all the courses I want to do will take a very long time to get through and while my papers are away with the markers, I’m getting very restless.  I just want to get on with everything and get involved with all this education.  So I start looking into some reflexology courses.  There are so many different courses available, and it’s easy to be swayed by the cheaper courses but when you look into it further you don’t get a recognised or accredited qualification at the end of it.  I decide if I am going to go ahead with this then it has to be done properly.  Because I am working full time I need to find a course that will accommodate that, so eventually I sign up to one where the theory is done at home the same as the Holistic Fertility Therapy course I am already doing but you go away for the weekend to learn the practical.  It sounds perfect as I can split my time between the two courses while the various lessons are being marked and hopefully I can get them finished quicker than I had first anticipated.

I have since found another web site that specialises in fertility reflexology training courses, which requires you to be a qualified reflexologist first so this is something else being put onto my list of things to do… which just keeps growing by the day.  There seems to be so much based around fertility that can complement conventional treatment.  Every time I think I must have everything covered a little bit more research brings forth another course that interests me.

In the last week since the website, Facebook and Twitter accounts have gone live, I am still remaining amazed by the support I have received. I now have followers on Twitter, over 100 ‘likes’ on Facebook and lots of people have been kind enough to share my page with their friends.  I can only hope that this can continue and that you all find my blogs interesting. I would love some feedback from you all about what I have written, what you would like to read etc……

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3 thoughts on “Reflexology for fertility, here we come….

  1. Wendy

    All of this sounds very good, I am proud that you have found something that ‘lights your candle’ and I know that you will give it your all, especially with the encouragement you receive from friends and family. Darren has been marvellous at giving you the support you need and deserve… God bless you

  2. Sarah M

    Hi Fiona

    What a great post on your progress. I am also doing a similar life change and so look forward to reading how you continue your journey.
    Keep up the good work!!