Continuing on the journey towards fertility therapy

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping up to date with the studying. I have now sent off lesson 3 for the fertility course and lesson 1 for the advanced reflexology course…so now it’s that waiting game again!
Lesson 3 on the fertility course was interesting, starting looking at reasons that cause infertility and how changes can be made to aid conception. Part of the lesson was looking into performing a detox plan in preparation for weight loss programme. The detox that was examined was for two weeks with a very strict list for foods you can and can’t eat, a colleague of mine asked me about this and has now been doing the detox for 12 days, and speaking to her yesterday was very interesting. She feels like she has so much energy and just feels a lot healthier with the added bonus of about 5-6lbs weight loss. She also said that she has started eating a lot of healthy types of food that she hasn’t eaten for many years and had forgotten how nice they were. I’m really pleased that I could help her and give her some advice as she had been looking to do a detox but a sensible one rather than some of the fad diets/ detox’s that you can find on the internet. It was so great to hear her feedback and know that before I’ve even finished the course I have helped someone!
So I also started my advanced reflexology course as well, this was extremely interesting, the first lesson is about all the history of reflexology, and how it has become what it is today. I had no idea that it had been practiced for so many years. I found it a bit harder to answer the questions for this course as they are much more specific whereas the fertility course is more generalised and about what ‘I’ think about the subject. We will have to wait and see how I get on, but feeling a bit nervous about this one!
I have also signed up along with my partner to learn the Reiki level 1 at the end of September. It is a one day course that teaches you the basics of Reiki to a level that you can use on friends and members of your family. Once that is done I have to wait for a few months before I can then do level 2 which is practitioner level and allows you to use it within a business. I am very excited about doing this but also apprehensive, I know it’s about using energy sources but does that mean that everyone is capable of performing Reiki…. Yet again it’s another wait and see…
I have also had the opportunity to catch up with my friend who practices reflexology. With my ‘just want to get on and do it’ enthusiasm that I have at the moment I have been watching a series of reflexology films on YouTube. After much debate my partner allowed me to have a little practice on him (as he was worried that he has the most ticklish feet ever!!) and after a few giggles and once he relaxed enough to enjoy it, he announced it was amazing. I could see the difference in him, from a relaxed point of view, and he now asks all the time for me to have another go. I really enjoyed doing it but was unsure if I was using the correct pressures etc. So when we met up with my friend I just got her to show me the techniques again and then also do a little bit on my partner so that he could compare the two. He said that it felt exactly the same which is good and also gives me the confidence to practice on other people. I just now need to see the videos a bit more and work out how to do the routine without having to have the Ipad on and then be looking for some volunteers! By the time I have to go to do the practical part of the course hopefully I will be feeling confident about my practice and not have to worry too much about learning it all.
The company that I am doing my courses through have just sent me a letter with an offer on… 2 for 1 on all courses…. There are so many that I want to do so this is a brilliant opportunity to save a bit of money as well…. Now I just need to pick the two!