Fiona Green

Fertility Specialist Fiona Green I began nursing in 2001 and immediately found that my interest lies in obstetrics and gynaecology.  After spending some time working on the gynaecology ward. I decided to change to theatre nursing, specialising again in gynaecology and obstetrics. Once in this role, I very quickly began to learn about the internal workings of the female body and my interest in fertility was fuelled.  Not only was I able to become part of the most precious moments when a baby is born, but also see first-hand how fertility can be affected by our anatomy and physiology, and how fertility can be managed by surgical interventions.

Having worked within the same setting for a long time it enabled me to see some of our patients who had been to us for surgical fertility treatment then to return to have their baby, which was not only thrilling to see but also felt a real privilege to be part of.  Many of the doctors that I work with have specialised in fertility and I have been very fortunate to work with some excellent fertility consultants who are keen to share their knowledge and happy to teach, which has assisted with my knowledge base in this field.

I have a great friend who has an amazing passion for complementary therapy and has succeeded in becoming a qualified practitioner in many specialities. Through her learning and me being a ‘guinea pig’ to practice on, it began to make me ask the questions… how do these therapies work?  Are they successful? I then started to receive more treatments for my own ailments and was amazed by the results, so much so that eventually it inspired me to want to learn some for myself.

This is when I began to put my two interests together, I started to research complementary therapies and how they can assist with couples with fertility issues.  There is a huge amount of research out there stating that results of fertility treatment are improved when complementary therapies are involved. The most important thing I learnt though is that complementary therapy is just that… it is not to be considered a cure or an alternative but can work alongside conventional treatment.

I started reading stories of success and felt that it was something that I wanted to be part of, so I decided to look into various courses that I could do and began setting up this website.  So what you will find here is my journey, blogs on how those courses are going and topics and articles that I have read along the way and found interesting.

I would love to hear from anyone who has any comments to make or stories to tell….